Modular high-end house with prefab pool in Barcelona

This prefabricated house with pool project is very special for inHAUS. It is a practically custom house, which started from a Manacor model, but getting some characteristics from the Motril model.

The inHAUS modular house system is created to allow flexibility for future needs. The 111 Collection catalogue is very versatile: it offers multiple options to meet the needs and desires of customers. And the industrialized construction of the EMOHA system has great adaptability.

This helps to reduce the building process time and optimize resources. In this case, it has an important innovation: a prefabricated swimming pool.

This modular house, with a steel and concrete structure, is located in a residential town very close to Barcelona. As we said, this quality and premium finishes house has several peculiarities. And an important personalization. The first thing is that it’s a prefabricated house with a prefabricated swimming pool. For the first time, inHAUS also implements the almost finished pool, instead of executing the work on the plot, as we usually do.

First, the customer opted for a Manacor model. The house, from the initial concept and the choice of the reference house, had to have wooden materials. Thus, the exterior has porcelain material that inspires the warmth of wood.

The interior follows the same style with the choice of a synthetic floor throughout the house. In fact, one of the rooms that gives more personality to this modular housing is paneled with the same material as the floor. This mentioned big sized room, with a surface of 18 square meters, it’s used to park several bicycles. It has direct access from the outside and interior communication to the master suite’s walk-in closet.

Evolution of this prefabricated house with swimming pool: from O to L shape.

The main house idea, which must adapt to the characteristics of the plot (1,100 m2 house), evolved from an O-shape to an L-shape. You can see what inHAUS L-shaped houses look like. The terrain, with almost 3 meters of slope, required earthworks and a platform.

The house has a total of 161 square meters built. It’s distributed in three bedrooms, one of them with its own bathroom, and two other bathrooms. In addition, it has a gallery, a work studio and a large space of 39 m2 to cover to the functions of living-dining-kitchen. This is one of the main evolutions of the Manacor model towards the Motril, which, unlike the first one, does have an L-shaped structure. However, the porches and pergolas of both models have been eliminated.

As a detail, the kitchen is lacquered in coconut colour. On the other hand, the cabinets have been personalized according to the tastes of the customer, with drawers, structures and custom distributions.

Finally, as a peculiarity, this prefabricated house has its own also prefabricated swimming pool. That is, it has been built in a factory and set on the plot, as the three modules that make up the house. At the same, the client could see his house and his swimming pool being implanted on the plot, in just a few hours.

Prefabricated 10×4 meters swimming pool

Prefabricated 10×4 meters swimming pool

The prefabricated pool of this inHAUS house has an area of almost 43 square meters, with dimensions of just over 10 meters long and 4 meters wide. In short, it’s a spectacular bathing area with overflowing sheet of water, with stairs and beach included. This construction, also known as pond, is designed in elegant black and silver colours. The inHAUS pool already includes integrated impellers, extra-flat LED spotlights, installation piping, bottom and sweep outlets and compensation tanks.

The 152 m2 Manacor model, shares with this house in Barcelona its three double bedrooms and a living-dining room and kitchen that, together, have the same size than the open living-dining-kitchen area of the implanted house. The Motril model (161 m2) provides the L-shaped design that faces the house towards the outdoor area, the garden and the swimming pool. The plan of the house, or distribution, is the same as the inHAUS Motril model, but with some small changes.

In this way, to know details and plans of the Manacor and Motril model houses, you only have to complete the registration at the bottom of this page. Likewise, this action allows access to all the information of the catalogue, with more than 100 inHAUS houses. Once registered, you will have access to the details of these two houses in the following links: one-storey house model (and O-shape) Manacor and L-shaped house model Motril.

161 M²

Finally, the inHAUS house models, as it is understandable, do not include the swimming pool or the exterior landscaping. The landscaping project is optional and depends a lot on the client’s opinion. And, especially, on the geometry of the plot.

For this reason, it is one of the few elements of a house that cannot be previously budgeted and offered in the catalogue of modular houses.

This prefabricated house with pool project is very special for inHAUS. It is a practically custom house, which started from a Manacor model, but getting some characteristics from the Motril model.